A timeless choice, grey is always perfectly suited for any interior. Effortlessly pairing with both traditional and modern homes, the soothing tone is a guaranteed hit, no matter where it is placed. Harmonious, yet never boring, here are four different ways to style grey rugs in your interior.


Grey and Pink

An on-trend colour scheme, we’re obsessed with pink and grey. Light and feminine, we love the contrast between the romantic shade and steely grey. Perfect whether it is a delicate pastel or a dusty rose, pair with gold accent accessories for an added touch of glamour. The Marble Grey is one of our many grey rugs that can pair perfectly with pink.

charcoal grey Rug
Tate Charcoal (Click to shop)

Deep Charcoal Grey

Typically masculine, deep charcoal greys pair beautifully with dark wood and metal accents. The Tate Charcoal rug is ideal for achieving this look. Alternating textures soften the shade, ensuring that it won’t overpower your interior. Pair with light walls and add plenty of light for a perfect modern living room or bedroom.

grey rug with a floral pattern
Villa Nova Hana Carbon Rug (Click to Shop)

A Hint of Floral

The Villa Nova Hana Carbon Rug has a beautiful wisteria pattern reminiscent of the East. Pair with wicker furniture, Eastern-style prints and some key accessories for a unique space that is certain to amaze all who enter your home.

grey rug with silver foxes
Scion Mr Fox Rug (Click to Shop)


A Soothing Choice for a Kid’s Bedroom

Grey might not usually be the first choice for a child’s bedroom or playroom but we think it’s perfect for creating a soothing and harmonious space. Effortlessly calming, grey tones will stay stylish from the moment they are born until well into their teen years. The Mr Fox Silver rug from Scion is a particular favourite of ours!

What do you think? Are you a fan of grey rugs?

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