It can be a challenge to keep up with your childrens’ tastes as they grow older. One minute, they’re obsessed with pirates, the next, princesses are the new big thing! Changing ages and preferences demand almost yearly updates to childrens’ playrooms and bedrooms, as you struggle to keep up with every passing trend and obsession. That is why we love the selection of rugs offered by Saint Clair Paris. With a wide array of cute and quirky designs on offer, Saint Clair Paris offers budget-friendly floor coverings that will delight your children, no matter their age. Read on to learn more about why Saint Clair Paris rugs are the perfect choice for your little ones.

Blue Saint clair paris rug with stars
Saint Clair Starlight Blue (Click to shop)

Classic Styles

Cute cartoon designs will always be a popular choice. We particularly adore the Max and Freddy rugs, which boast playful animal illustrations that are certain to captivate. Fans of a more understated look will appreciate the Starlight rug. Comprising a scattering of stars in subtle pastel hues, it is particularly well-suited for nurseries and children’s spaces.

Timeless pieces like the Tina and Cute rugs will help you avoid unnecessary redecorating. The Tina rug, with its simple neutral tones and understated design, will harmoniously blend with any interior, while the geometric pattern and contemporary colours of the Cute rug will remain stylish until your child becomes a teenager.

Saint clair paris Rug with a patchwork blue
Saint Clair Patchwork Blue (Click to shop)

Adapts To Every Style

Children’s’ tastes evolve over time. Rugs help you avoid the unnecessary costs that can occur from frequent redecoration. Simply place your new rug on the floor and voila! Your space has been instantly transformed! Regardless of whether you’re creating a fairytale haven or a pirate’s ship deck, rugs are a budget-friendly way to achieve whatever look you’re aspiring towards!

Saint Clair also offers a wide range of themed rugs! Princes and princesses will adore the Corona rug, while your little cowboys will appreciate the Polygon collection.

Saint clair paris Pink rug with a carriage
Saint Clair Corona (Click to shop)

Stands the Test of Time

Woven from polypropylene, Saint Clair rugs are durable and able to withstand plenty of activity. Often considered a cost-effective alternative to wool, polypropylene offers excellent stain resistance and easy maintenance. Soft and thick, playtime will always be cosy with a Saint Clair rug.

Saint clair paris Rug with multicolor triangles
Saint Clair Cute (Click to shop)

Do you have a Saint Clair Paris rug at home? Let us know! You can browse our full selection of Saint Clair Paris rugs online here.

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