Offering both style and versatility, flatweave rugs are an ideal choice for a variety of situations.  Comprising a low pile and durable weave, flatweave rugs can also be called Kelim, Dhurrie, Sournak and Navajo. Read on to learn why we love flatweave rugs so much and why they are the perfect choice for your home! 

Khayma Agadir Collection Sand Rose 8793
Khayma Agadir Collection Sand Rose 8793 Click to shop

1. Easy to Clean & Maintain

Generally woven from cotton or wool, flatweaves are remarkably easy to clean. They can often be shaken clean and vacuumed to remove most of the dirt.

2. Perfect for both the Summer & Winter

Flatweaves carry excellent insulating properties, holding heat and providing warmth and comfort during the winter, as well as being suitable for underfloor heating. A cotton flatweave will automatically trap less heat in the summer, keeping your interior cool and breathable.

Sari Collection Blue Yellow Mix 8873
Sari Collection Blue Yellow Mix 8873 Click to shop

3. Ideal for Placement Under Furniture

Due to their thin construction, flatweaves are ideal for placement under heavy furniture, making them particularly ideal for living rooms and dining rooms. The will not be any dents or flat areas, and the floor will remain even throughout. 

4. A Wide Array of Designs Available 

Flatweave rugs encompass every imaginable style, with geometric, bohemian, modern and Scandinavian designs all readily available. Many brands also offer flatweave options, such as Louis de Poortere and Asiatic. 

Kashmir Vintage 054104
Kashmir Vintage 054104 Click to shop

Looking to buy a flatweave rug? Excellent options include Louis De Poortere’s Sari collection and Khayma Agadir collection. Or, lovers of traditional style will adore, the Brink & Campman Kashmir collection.


You can view our full range of flatweave rugs online here.

What do you think? Do you love flatweave rugs as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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